STRIZZI stands for a cosmopolitan attitude to the pleasures of life and the palate. We invite everyone to dine with us and toast to convivial rounds, interesting table conversations and, of course, excellent food.

Anyone who has visited STRIZZI knows that we do things surprisingly differently here. But in one thing we agree with many of our gastronomy colleagues from all over the world: sustainability and the best quality.

Sure, the outside is important, but what really counts are the inner values. Where you come from, where your roots grow, where you have history, where your name precedes you – yes, that’s where we dig for the best treasures to serve them under your nose on these plates.

No, we were not born with a golden spoon in our mouths, but the food we serve is worthy of golden cutlery – just as our guests are.

The best of the best, the finest of the finest – taste without limits. What we put on your plate not only ends up in your digestive tract, but also remains in your memory and fills your soul.